Our Mission

To inspire the growth of healthy communities by connecting people with a market for creativity and a successful model of economic development.

To educate others about the buy-local movement and offer exceptional customer service, while leading the way for socially-conscious businesses.

To foster an environment that helps small business people thrive, preserves our rural culture, and promotes a healthy work/life balance for our employees, who are at the core of what we do. 
 Did You Know? 
  • The Hannah Grimes Center is a non-profit owned and run by women. The Marketplace is a for-profit business that also has a female management team and prioritizes entrepreneurship.
  • We are dedicated to environmental responsibility and sustainability in our products and packaging.
  • We use only recycled paper products and reuse packaging materials when shipping and storing fragile products. 
  • We adjust to our vendor's needs: many vendors opt to hand-deliver their products to eliminate waste and delivery cost.
  • We are committed to non-discriminatory hiring practices, transparency and integrity in our business practices, supporting our local community, and providing exclusively high-quality goods. 
Check out our social media accounts for more information on current updates, hours, mission, photos, and more. Check out a press release from Monadnock Beat about our 25th anniversary!
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