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Explore our gourmet food section! We have a myriad of local maple & honey, fair trade chocolate, organic cooking & baking mixes, delicious jams & jellies, fresh produce from local farmers and gardeners, great snacks, refreshing beverages, and more!


Sidehill Farm

One of the first specialty food companies in Vermont, Sidehill Farm started in the 1970's when Dot and Ben Naylor resurrected old family recipes for artisanal jams and began producing them for friends and family. Folks appreciated the unique way Sidehill Farm makes their jam: No pectin or artificial ingredients, just boiled-down fruit and sugar, handmade and hand-stirred, which produces a jam with more fruit and more flavor in every bite. See more on their website!

Cheshire Garden

Cheshire Garden is a small family farm nestled in Southwestern, NH. Owner, Patti Powers and her son Ralph Powers specialize in farming heirloom berries and herbs which then is turned into delicious preserves, mustards, syrups, and vinegar. Their tasty jellies can be found in multiple flavors in the marketplace including Black Currant, Peach, Red Currant, and many more. Learn more about them on Instagram or their website.

Don Quixote Spanish Peanut Butter

As of 2022, we are proud to carry the "peanut-butteriest peanut butter you will ever enjoy!" Don Quixote is made with Spanish peanuts, which have nuttier, more robust flavor than standard runner peanuts or Virginia peanuts, while also providing more amino acids, more protein, and more antioxidants! While these nuts cost significantly more, Don Quixote uses Spanish peanuts & pecans for a more flavorful, dynamic butter. The Spanish Peanut Butter is made of 100% Spanish peanuts, and the Spanish Peanut & Pecan Butter is 50% Spanish Peanuts and 50% Pecans, with no added fillers, thickeners, oils, salts, sugars, trans fats, or gluten byproducts. 

Imagine That Honey

Imagine That Honey is one of our local honey vendors, making their delicious bee products in Swanzey, NH. Dean and Jodi Turner are dedicated to beekeeping and sustainable practices, and alongside selling their honey, they also offer workshops, presentations, and beekeeping beginners classes. Learn more about these NH beekeepers

Ariel's Honey Infusions

Ariel's Honey Infusions is centered around their vision to offer locally sourced, raw Vermont honey infusion while spreading awareness about the vital role bees play in keeping our planet healthy. She creates a variety of raw and organic-flavor infused honeys. Try their assorted honey flights to test three jars of infused raw honey! Each 3-pack is assorted with Raw Honey and two flavors, including Organic Elderberry, Sleepy Bee, Chai, and many more. Read more about their small batch, hand-crafted honey infusions, always made without pesticides or chemicals. 

Grand Monadnock Maple Farm

Grand Monadnock Maple Farm is a family-owned and operated farm located in Harrisville, NH. Owners Jon and Jillian have been making maple products for years and operate out of a 90 acre piece of land that overlooks beautiful Mount Monadnock. See their Instagram or website to learn more about them and their maple and be sure to stop by in the spring during maple sugaring season for the freshest batches. 

Maple Homestead Farm

The Kenney Family’s Maple Homestead Farm is based out of Swanzey, NH and is one of our best-selling local maple syrup providers. Maple Homestead supplies HGM with cozy, homey pints and glasses of syrup in numerous sizes, including nips, leaf-shaped glasses, and assorted tins!

Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind

Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind is based out of nearby Londonderry, VT, making high-quality smoked and infused maples, smoked barbeque sauces, and gourmet hot sauces, as well as roasted Sriracha peanuts and cashews. The Marketplace carries Sugar Bob’s Sampler Packs, Smoked Maple Syrup, and a variety of spicy sauces and nuts. Learn more about the company and its maple syrup on Instagram or online.

Woodard’s Sugar House

Woodard's Sugar House is a small sugaring operation in Surry, NH. They offer a large variety of maple products, including maple syrup and maple cream, maple sugar, maple cotton candy and maple candy. Woodard’s also provide HGM with maple coated pecans, almonds, and cashews. Learn more about the sugarhouse on their website or Instagram.

Ben’s Sugar Shack

Ben’s Sugar Shack is a top-seller in our marketplace, providing us with high-quality, locally sourced maple syrup, pancake mix, maple candy, maple brittle, and maple kettle corn. 'Ben's has been a marketplace member for years, and is based out of Temple, NH. Learn more about their maple products on their website and to see everything they offer.

Copper Cannon Distillery

Copper Cannon Distillery is based out of Chesterfield, New Hampshire, where they create rich, barrel-aged rums, maple syrups, and during the pandemic, even hand sanitizer! Stop by the Marketplace to try their barrel aged maple syrup for yourself. You can also find them on Instagram and more information on their website, including information on their barrel aged rums. 

Terra Nova Organic Coffee Roasters

Terra Nova Organic Coffee Roasters was founded in a barn on an organic farm in New Hampshire in 2005. In 2017, Terra Nova created a custom brick-and-mortar roastery and espresso bar in downtown Keene, NH, and in 2020 expanded again to include a full-service café, retail shop, and music venue, welcoming customers to an exceptional café experience. Terra Nova coffee can be found in our store, made in small, organic batches. Learn more about Terra Nova on Instagram and their website.

Healing From Foods

Healing From Foods provides HGM with Ojoche Tostado, their naturally energizing, caffeine-free coffee alternative. This superfood is an ancient Mayan seed that is native to Central America. When roasted and steeped, Ojoche Tostado makes an energizing brew full of antioxidants. It's also allergen and toxin-free as stated by the FDA, and has bold, rich, and earthy taste, with “a full-bodied nutty mocha goodness.” Learn more on Instagram or their website.

Cup of Sea

Cup of Sea’s Maine Seaweed Teas are handcrafted and full of natural vitamins and minerals. Seaweed is harvested from the cold, pristine waters of the Gulf of Maine, andise dried and blended in small batches in Portland, ME. The seaweeds in these handcrafted teas contain around 60 minerals vital to health. They also provide vitamins, omega oil, essential amino acids, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. Wild harvested from the cold, pristine waters of the Gulf of Maine, and blended in small batches. Learn more online!

Mark T. Wendell Tea Company

Based out of Acton, MA, the Mark T. Wendell Tea Company has been inspired by its roots of importing teas in the early 1900s. For over 45 years, it has been the Johnson family’s goal to carry on Mr. Wendell’s tradition of creating a superior tea-buying experience by providing customers with the finest product, competitive prices, a distinct focus on product freshness, and superior service. The joys associated with the simplicity of a high-quality cup of tea are endless! Read more about them on their website

Halladay’s Harvest Barn

Halladay’s Harvest Barn is in Bellows Falls, VT, and creates hand-blended dips, seasonings, soups mixes, chili mixes, and cheesecake and dessert mixes like apple crisp. Halladay’s products are made in a kitchen, not a lab or factory, and offer a valuable alternative to bland and generic seasoning blends. HGM carries Halladay’s natural, GMO & MSG-free products, perfect for beginning cooks and party hosts this holiday season. Learn more on their website and find recipe inspirations on Instagram!

Karen’s Cosmic Cookies

At Karen’s Cosmic Cookies, based out of Keene, NH, the cookies are truly out-of-this-world delicious. Owner Karen Guastella started a cookie business a few years ago after moving to the area. After months of creating her recipes, she delivered products to her taste-testing neighbors and found success! Karen now offers a wide range of flavorful, heavenly cookie mixes including 2 gluten-safe options. Other Kosmic offerings include hot cocoa mix, s'mores snack mix, soup mixes, and specialty drinks. Learn more about Karen at local craft shows or on her website! Seasonal beverages and bakes are available upon request. Follow her Instagram to stay up to date on her flavor experimentation! 

Little Big Farm Foods

Little Big Farm Foods' Organic Buttermilk Biscuit Mix is available in the marketplace year-round! Little Big Farm is based out of Nermarket, NH and is dedicated to creating high-quality, organic eats.

Cucina Aurora

Cucina Aurora is a small, woman-owned, local business. Every time you purchase Cucina Aurora products, you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality, handmade, gourmet cooking products for you and your family. Owner, Dawn Hunt, encourages people to cook together, eat together, and learn about each other’s lives around the dinner table. All oils use 100% Pure Olive Oil and fresh herbs. See their full product line-up online or on Instagram.

Captain Mowatt’s

Captain Mowatt’s is based out of Portland, ME, and crafts numerous flavors of hot sauces, barbeque sauces, and spicy snacks. They’ve been crafting their high-quality hot sauces, mustards, meats, and spice rubs since 1997. HGM is stocked up on their sauces all year-round, including Shipyard Beer-B-Que, Spitfire Hot Sauce, CocoLoco, Dirty Mustard, and many more! Read more about their company and flavors on Instagram or their website.

Burn ‘Em Down Barbeque

Burn ‘Em Down Barbeque is a business based in Swanzey, NH. They make smoked barbeques and hot sauces including their signature Smokin’ Slop Sauce and B.P. Maple Heat Sauce. They also craft gourmet seasoning rubs, and infused and smoked cheeses, nuts, and meats. See their Instagram to learn more!

Hany's Harvest

Hany's Harvest's Fire Cider can be found in the marketplace! Hany ElDiwany traces his passion for natural, healthy sustainable living to his Middle Eastern roots. Inspired by his family’s farming roots and his former life as a chemical engineer, Hany began crafting his own wellness tonics based on traditional herbal recipes, tinkering with ingredients and blends to find his own distinctive formulations - organic apple cider vinegar-based infusions that not only taste great but make you feel great too - sowing the seeds for what would become Hany’s Harvest. In 2017, Hany started bottling his signature Fire Ciders, and in 2018, Hany’s Harvest moved to New York’s Hudson Valley to put down roots, becoming part of a vibrant community of local farmers and like-minded small businesses. Read more online.

Eco Bean + Greens

At Ecobean Cafe in South Burlington, Vermont, their team constantly received customer requests to bottle their best-selling dressings, and they listened! Their dressings are made with the cleanest sourced ingredients available and are only sold in select markets.Their team guarantees that "every single batch of dressing and marinade we make is infused with love and gratitude for our amazing customers." Enjoy these dressings on salads, as a marinade for seafood, meat, or veggies, as a health-conscious dip, or for barbecuing! Read more about them online

The Sunquam Tribute Company

The Sunquam Tribute Company provides HGM with their signature Camp Mixes, including their variety pack. We carry Honey-Cinnamon, Lemon Pepper, Spud Fixin’, and Original Camp Mix varieties, perfect for cooking outdoors or inside. See their website for more information on their mixes and their process. 

Rolling Rock Farm

Rolling Rock Farm is based in Sheffield, MA, and can also be found at the Sheffield Farmer’s Market. The Company’s goal is “to make the whole world smile, and a way to that end is giving a happy surprise.” They are aware that some of their comically-named salts may offend some, but they see it as a way to spark joy, and enjoy their products. They have recently started making a Hannah Grimes Marketplace-exclusive Pink Himalayan Salt Grinder, which can only found in our store! Learn more on their website!

Jack’s Crackers

Jack’s Crackers products are based on the idea that a cracker is a lot like life; it may be simple, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Based in Keene, New Hampshire, our crackers are handmade in small batches with natural, GMO-free ingredients and are preservative-free. They are great by themselves or with your favorite toppings, like honey, cheeses, meats, and dips. Jack’s is owned by founder Kevin Dremel and is named after his cat, Jack. Learn more about the 2021 Pitch Fork Challenge winner on their Instagram

"Who knew a cracker could be this much fun!"

Port City Pretzels

Port City Pretzels was founded in 2015 by Suzanne Foley, as she took an old family pretzel recipe and added her own twist to create unique pretzels, that have “a true taste of home.” HGM carries multiple Port City flavors, Tasty Ranch Dill, Tangy Mustard ‘n Honey, Cinnamon Sugar, and Fiery Hot. To learn more about this woman-owned business, visit their website or Instagram.

Maple Nut Kitchen

Maple Nut Kitchen makes freshly baked granola everyday in their factory in Swanzey, NH. The Marketplace has a variety of flavors, all of which are gluten free, vegan, and delicious! See what we have in stores today, including flavors Northern Berry Harvest, Maple Nut, Eastern Pecan Apple, and Mocha Chip. See more on their website and Instagram.

True North Granola

True North Granola provides the Marketplace with miniature snack packs of vegan, gluten-free, locally made granola. See their website to learn more about this Vermont-based granola vendor and see all of their varieties. 

Effie’s Homemade LLC

Effie’s Homemade Oatcake Biscuits are a popular treat at HGM. It began when founder Effie MacLellan learned a generations-old, family farmhouse recipe that she carried to her new home in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and perfected. See their Instagram for more information on these delicious crackers, including popular flavors, Oatcake Original, Cocoa & Coconut, and Pecan & Wildflower Honey. 

Big Picture Farm

Big Picture Farm is based out of Townshend, VT, and is known for making delicious caramels from their farm-raised goat milk. Big Picture is a popular seller in the Marketplace, especially in the Winter months for their variety of farm caramels. Learn more about their goats and caramels on Instagram or their website.

Loon Chocolates

Loon Chocolates is based out of Manchester, NH, and is one of the most popular food vendors in the Marketplace. Founder and owner Scott Watson wanted his customers to appreciate the subtle, savory, and sweet tones in their chocolates. Loon Chocolates are made in small batches, and they strive to create their chocolate ethically, with ethically-sourced, organic ingredients, and products coming from small farmers. Every flavor is locally-made and fair trade. See their Instagram or website for current flavors!

Lake Champlain Chocolates

Lake Champlain Chocolates has been combining creativity and craftsmanship in premium chocolate. What stands out to us about Lake Champlain is not only their delectable chocolates, but also their businesses’ dedication to supporting their community, to sourcing ingredients ethically, and conservation efforts. Check out their Instagram or website to learn more. See chocolate bars, seasonal chocolates, and hot cocoa from Lake Champlain all year-round at HGM. 

Winnipesaukee Chocolates

Winnipesaukee Chocolates has been selling its chocolate bars at the Marketplace for years! Their local, hand-made chocolates come in a variety of unique flavors, inspired by local scenery and landmarks. They have two lines of high-quality chocolates, Winnipesaukee Chocolates, and White Mountain Chocolates, to celebrate multiple regions of New Hampshire! Learn more on their website.

Berkshire Bark Chocolate

Berkshire Bark Chocolates are delicious squares that come in many flavors. We sell milk and dark varieties, including the popular Pretzelogical and Cocoa Nutz. Berkshire Bark was started years ago, based on dedication to great chocolate and their local community. 

Harbor Sweets

Harbor Sweets have been making delicious, handmade chocolates since 1973. They bring HGM their Gather Chocolates, which is a delicious variety of honey-themed chocolates, seasonal chocolate boxes and bars, and Cocoa Santé Hot Chocolate. Learn more about Harbor Sweets and Cocoa Santé online!

Sweet Lydia's

Sweet Lydia's Gourmet Confectionaries bring their fluffy, decadent marshmallows to the marketplace! We stock up on fall flavors like Pumpkin, Spiced Chai, and Caramel Macchiato, as well as winter flavors like Peppermint, Eggnog, and Gingerbread! These hand-made treats are delicious and very high-quality. See their Instagram or website for seasonal flavors. 

Fat Toad Farm

Fat Toad Farm is based out of Brookfield, VT, and is famous for its delicious goat’s milk caramels! These little caramels are extremely popular stocking stuffers and are great for holiday desserts! See more online

Herrell’s Hot Fudge

Herrell’s Hot Fudge provides HGM with their small-batch hot fudge from their factory in Northampton, MA. Our customers love Herrell’s corn syrup-free recipe! For more information, visit their website! They are one of many local food vendors who are distributed through Food Connects Vermont, which is based out of nearby Brattleboro, VT. 

L.A. Burdick 

L.A. Burdick is an artisan chocolate company that has been creating high-quality chocolates for over 33 years. Burdick Chocolates began with one man, one set of Swiss tools, and one singular vision – to create true artisan chocolate bonbons. Now, the business has expanded exponentially and provides HGM with artisanal hot chocolate mixes made of gourmet chocolate shavings. We carry milk, white, and dark chocolate varieties all year-round. See their website or Instagram for more information!

Silly Cow Farms

Silly Cow Farms is in the specialty foods business, crafting premium-quality products to be sold in grocery stores in New England and beyond. Silly Cow started in 1988 in Vermont, making chocolate sauces and Hot Chocolate products, including 13 hot chocolate flavors! Check out their website to learn more about Silly Cow, its hot cocoa, and its mission & origin. 


VerMints began in a small kitchen in Bellows Falls, VT, with the name’s inspiration coming from the Latin “Ver,” meaning “true".” VerMints was founded on and based on the principle that these mints have clean ingredients and are transparent about their sourcing. VerMints come in 6 flavors and are always USDA Organic, Gluten-Free, non-GMO, Nut-Free, and Kosher mints and pastilles. Learn more about the organic mints on their website! Tins come in two sizes, perfect for travel and stocking stuffers. 

Alyson’s Orchard

Hannah Grimes Marketplace carries seasonal produce throughout the year! We sell Honeycrisp apples from Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, NH during the fall and when it is available throughout other times of the year. Learn more about the Orchard, their barn, and other available fruits on their website

Green Wagon Farm

Green Wagon Farm supplies Hannah Grimes Marketplace with fresh vegetables, usually onions or garlic. We sell Green Wagon's fresh produce based on what is seasonally available from their farm, located in Keene, NH. Learn more about them online!

Poppy's Garden

Mariah Palmer is not only the assistant manager of Hannah Grimes Marketplace, she also sells fresh herbs and vegetables in the spring & summer. Her herbs and produce are locally grown in Keene, NH in her small, organic garden. Poppy's Garden produce is grown without pesticides. Mariah also makes hand embroideries available at the marketplace all year. 

Vermont Smoke & Cure

Vermont Smoke & Cure meat sticks are a delicious, high protein snack! Based out of Hinesburg, VT, all meats are raised without probiotics or added hormones. Meats are also gluten-free and allergen-friendly. VS&C strives to make "consciously crafted" meats, in their small-batch, hand-crafted smoking and slow cooking process. These meats have been made this way since 1962. Read more on their website. 

Singing Pastures Roam Sticks

Singing Pastures Roam Sticks are pasture-raised heritage pork sticks. Singing Pastures is dedicated to old-school, small farming and animal raising. Owner John Arbuckle is a 9th-generation farmer! He's dedicated to "raising animals like our ancestors, on green grass without growth stimulants, antibiotics, and GMOs." We carry these meat sticks year-round, including the popular Uncured Bacon and Jalapeno flavors. Read about their mission and process online

Hurricane Flats Organic Produce

Hurricane Flats is based out of South Royalton, VT, and sells organic popcorn in the marketplace! We carry the Ruby Red and Blue Shaman Popcorn, both of which are "too good for butter!" Read more about Hurricane Flats and their popcorn hereThey are one of many local food vendors who are distributed through Food Connects Vermont, which is based out of nearby Brattleboro, VT. 

Orchard Hill Bread Works

Orchard Hill Bread Works is one of the newest vendors at the Marketplace. We carry freshly baked bread from Orchard Hill, often the Rosemary and Kalamata Olive Loaf and the Multi-Grain Loaf. Read more about their loaves on their websiteThey are one of many local food vendors who are distributed through Food Connects Vermont, which is based out of nearby Brattleboro, VT. 

Champlain Orchards

Check the HGM Cooler for Champlain Orchards' Apple Cider Donuts! These cinnamon sugar donuts are "handcrafted with love" in Shoreham, VT and are delicious cold and warmed up! Read more about the Orchard onlineThey are one of many local food vendors who are distributed through Food Connects Vermont, which is based out of nearby Brattleboro, VT. 

The Enchanted Baker

The Enchanted Baker, Vivien Chiang, brings freshly baked goods to the Marketplace, alongside her farm-fresh eggs! She bakes cookies, blondies, and brownies that are for sale in our store. Check out her Facebook page to stay up to date on her recipes!

Frisky Cow Gelato

Frisky Cow Gelato is based out of Keene, NH, and creates delicious, local gelato that can be found at HGM, local grocery stores, and even through the Keene State College Dining Services. Frisky Cow’s Linda Rubin makes several delightful flavors and even has a gelato CSA at the marketplace. To learn more about their flavors or CSA program, look at their Instagram or website!

Miller Farm VT

Miller Farm is a family-owned farm from Vernon, VT, and supplies the Marketplace with a rotating stock of whole milk, chocolate milk, maple milk, and coffee milk. See their Instagram or website to learn more about these delicious milks. They are one of many local food vendors who are distributed through Food Connects Vermont, which is based out of nearby Brattleboro, VT. 

Green Bee

Green Bee Soda was founded by Chris Kinkade, a lifelong tinkerer and beekeeper. He started experimenting with a mix of honey, teas, and fruits until he landed on the perfect blend for a bubbly, lightly sweetened drink with all natural, real ingredients. The natural sweetness of the soda comes from honey, the Ginger Buzz and Blueberry Dream flavors can be found at HGM. We love Green Bee’s commitment to sustainable business practices, and hand-crafting their unique sodas. Learn more on their Instagram or their website.

Capt’n Eli’s Soda

Capt’n Eli’s Soda was founded in 1996, by Fred Forsley. The business is an ode to Fred’s father Eli, who start the family tradition of crafting handmade root beer on the coast of Maine. The business grew to eventually become a national brand, now serving 8 flavors (4 of which you can find at HGM). These sodas are made with 100% natural cane sugar, and are gluten free and caffeine free. Learn more about their cane sugar soda on their website!

SAP! Maple Soda

Sap! Maple Soda is a delicious alternative to high-fructose, high-sugar sodas available on the market. Made with local maple, SAP! is popular in the summertime. Learn more about this soda company from Underhill, Vermont on their website.

Drink Simple

Every flavor is Drink Simple Maple Water is free of artificial colors and flavors, sugar or artificial sweetener, or high fructose corn syrup; Drink Simple was founded by Kate Weiler and Jeff Rose due to their disappointment in the sugary and lackluster drinks provided at Iron Man Marathons. They decided to craft their own ultra-hydrating water tapped from maple trees; this process harmlessly extracts from maple trees during sugaring season, which infuses the hydrating maple and plant-powered nutrients to their delicious drinks. See their Instagram or website for more information!

Abracadabra Coffee

Abracadabra Coffee is based out of Woodstock, VT! Their rich, delicious coffee comes in individual cans, served chilled from our coolers! We currently carry their cold brew coffee. Check out their Instagram or website to learn more about their brews!  They are one of many local food vendors who are distributed through Food Connects Vermont, which is based out of nearby Brattleboro, VT. 

Cocoa Santé

Cocoa Santé is one of several hot cocoas that we carry in our store! We are stocked up in the cold months with hot chocolates, including the Parisienne Cocoa Santé. Cocoa Sante is perfect as a stocking stuffer or gift during the wintertime! Learn more online about their delicious, organic, and artisanal cocoas. 

Melville Candy Co.

Melville Candy Co. is based out of Randolph, MA, where they create their delicious, hand-made candies. The Marketplace stocks up every winter on Melville Hot Chocolate Stirrers! Stay up to date on seasonal flavors by checking in with their website. Melville is popular in the wintertime for their meltable hot chocolate spoon stirrers!

Strawberry Hill Candy

Strawberry Hill Candy is based out of Waltham, MA, and provides the Marketplace with fun, seasonal lollipops that come in seasonal and holiday designs. HGM carries Strawberry Hill Easter and Christmas Lollipops and Green Tea Lollipops. Learn more about their seasonal candies on their website

Monadnock Water

Monadnock Water is from Wilton, NH, and provides Hannah Grimes Marketplace with bottled water, always cold and available for purchase.



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