Candle Makers

White Mountain Candle

White Mountain Candle has been creating and selling candles for many years after discovering an interest in finding fragrances that didn’t irritate and recipes that didn’t burn out too quickly. Maria Lentz’s candles have been selling in the Marketplace alongside Gift Boxes of White Mountain candles, soaps, soap lifts, and sea salts. Take a peek at their Facebook to see more of their scents and products.

Sparling Hill Candleworks

Sparling Hill Candleworks, run by husband and wife team Richard and Carmen Pinsonault, is based out of nearby Unity, NH. They bring their hand-poured soy wax candles to the marketplace as well as their hand-poured & painted concrete candle holders! Their concrete candle holders are reusable after the candle burns out. This candle and come with a wooden wick, whereas their glass jar candles come with an organic cotton wick. Their candles are paraffin-free and made from natural USA-grown soybeans - this allows for a longer burning candle and a cleaner burn than paraffin candles. Their high-quality (and phthalate free) fragrances are paired with organic and sustainably sourced materials including wood, cotton, soy, and paper. See more on their Facebook page!

My Country Story

My Country Story has been crafting candles out of Dover, NH and are passionate about the buy local movement. Their dye-free soy candles are popular sellers in the Marketplace for their unique scents, like Lumberjack, Sweater Weather, Fallen Leaves, Pop the Cork, The Library, and Nana’s Kitchen. See their Instagram and website for a full scent collection.

Sweet Grass Farm

Sweet Grass Farm, along with supplying HGM with soaps, lotions, and cleaners, also create New England-themed soy candles! This company (also found at HGM as "Farmhouse" create scents that are specific to our region and are popular amongst our customers. See their Instagram and website for more!

Pretty Dreamer

Pretty Dreamer’s Pamela Hanna creates unique, vintage-inspired beeswax candles in a myriad of shapes, including beehives, bears, trees, pinecones, flowers, and more. She also provides Hannah Grimes with perfume rollers and more traditional, long candle pairs. See Pamela's Instagram and website to see more of her work. 

Beeline Skin Care

Susan Lanphear, created her line of hypoallergenic skin care products and eco-friendly containers after working as a chemist. She developed sensitivities from the chemicals she was using and couldn't find any skin care products that did not irritate her skin. Honey and beeswax quickly became her materials of choice. Thus Beeline Skin Care was born! She created her own unique candle, which can be purchases as refills as well! Not only do these natural candles have long burn times, the wax can also be repurposed to be a moisturizing lotion! See their Instagram and website for more information and products.

Lisa Murray

Lisa Murray, alongside her alcohol ink paintings and magnets, also provides HGM with her marbled long candles! These vibrant, often shimmering candles are popular year-round, particularly around Hanukah.

Horse Hill Studio

Donlin Foreman is Horse Hill Studio’s leather smith, based out of Harrisville, NH. Donlin describes leatherwork as his “first love,” though he has also worked as a professional dancer and choreographer. He is now a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and the Walpole Artisans Co-op. At his studio, Donlin focuses on creating pieces with roofing slate and repurposed wood. See his Instagram for a range of his products! 

North Woods Animal Treats

North Woods Animal Treats is our only vendor who specifically makes animal food; North Woods bring supplies us with catnip and catnip toys, dog treats (in multiple flavors), water bowls, coat soap, and animal candles. In the winter time, we also have collar bells and dog toys to treats your furry friends with during the holidays. They also make a superb pet-candle to mitigate smells in your home! See their Instagram and website for more of their products! 



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