Glass Blowers & Painters

Hot Glass Art Center

The Hot Glass Art Center’s mission is to create a teaching and learning space outside the traditional system for Arts Education. Glassblowing is a true team endeavor, and the Hot Glass Art Center is led by talented glass-blower Jordana Korsen. The facility is already a community arts center for people interested in art, glass, or being part of something greater than themselves. They offer classes, workshops and rentals for all levels of glass enthusiasts. See more on their Instagram and website!

Kostick Glass

Glenn Kostick has been blowing commercially since the early 70’s. His creations span from the functional to the decorative and somewhere in between. All of his pieces are individually blown and shaped in his Winchendon, NH studio where he makes anything from glass globes to fancy beads all filled with the richest of colors.

JB Fine Art

Jocelyn Brown is based in Peterborough, NH, and received her bachelor's degrees in both Fine Arts and Art Education, with a minor in Glass from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She is a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and she creates glass art out of her home. Jocelyn owns and operates Shining Spiral Healing Arts where she offers individual Reiki sessions. Jocelyn is also a visiting art instructor at Robin’s Nest Nature Preschool in Peterborough, NH. See more of her designs online and on Instagram.

Boyd & Doyle

Boyd & Doyle consists of three different companies all run by a husband and wife team. Together they run a bottle wick company, an ironwork ornament company ,and a painted-glass company. Each piece of glass is individually hand painted by local artisans at their location in Lancaster, NH. These glasses have been a staple at the Marketplace for many years and our customers love them! Each of their items come in multiple design and color options. Check out other designs on their website.

Sunset Luna Art

Megan Young of Sunset Luna Art is of our more recently accepted artists. She is based out of Keene, NH and creates stunning stained glass pieces that often reflect her own witchy, lunar aesthetic. As well as her Rose and Lotus Moon stained glass designs, Megan also created a Hannah Grimes Exclusive Stained Glass Design, Moon Rise, that can only be found in our Marketplace! Each of her unique designs come in multiple colors. See more on her Instagram and other links!

Cira's Soaps Mood Lights

One of our newest marketplace members, Leann Bates of Cira's Soaps has recently started selling her "Mood Lighting Lamps" at HGM! These wine-bottle fairy-light lamps are made using recycled bottles & battery-powered twinkle lights. They bring springtime levity and beauty to our home goods department, and several different designs can be found for sale at Hannah Grimes Marketplace. 
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