Apparel & Textiles

Of Moose and Mountain

John Wills of Of Moose and Mountain is a frequent best-seller in the Marketplace. John brings in a large variety of t-shirts, with prints coming in multiple colors and sizes. He also brings in baseball caps, trucker caps, car decals, and key chains. Check out John's Instagram and website for more of his items! He creates unique graphic designs inspired by nature, wildlife, and New England traditions and landmarks. His designs are all his own, based on his life-long love for New England and his roots in the region. "Of Moose and Mountain" reflects John's love for the mountains, where he feels "at home" with the wildlife, as well as his affinity for moose.

Beeze Tees

Beeze Tees is a screen-printing company based just down the street from Hannah Grimes in Keene, NH. We take in many colorful, creative, or locally-themed shirts and sweatshirts in youth sizes and adult sizes. See their website and Instagram to see more of their products. 


Amy Lawson of Overseasoned has been supplying HGM with fun, trendy, and most importantly, feminist designs on tea towels, aprons, and tote bags. These witty designs include “Smash the Garlic and the Patriarchy,” "Culinary Goddess," "Cabernet and Equal Pay," "Olive the Things," "I Scream for Reproductive Justice," “Root for Women,” and “Less Stress, More Streusel.” See Amy's website and Instagram for a full range of her work.

MEA Originals

Mary Ellen Pellerin is a Keene, NH native and a frequent best-seller in the Marketplace. She provides us with numerous apparel and home good items, including adult reversible and quilted aprons, kids’ aprons, bags, baby bundles, and baby bibs (as well as many home goods items). See her website for more of her work.

Kathleen Kennedy

Kathleen Kennedy is a fine artist at HGM, as well as a textile workers and card maker. As well as her Brag Bags, Kathleen is known in the Marketplace for her collection of Zodiac themed cards, Zodiac magnets, and Zodiac prints. She also makes a collection of affordable, fashionable scarves! 

Moose Run Leather

Moose Run Leather’s Dan Fournier is a leatherworker from Fitzwilliam, NH. His unique designs include leather feather earrings and barrettes, leather belts, leather wallets, and leather bags. To see a wider range of Dan's work, take a look at his Etsy page!

Hand Knits by Hazel

Hazel Balch of Handknits by Hazel is one of the knitters at the Marketplace. She is based out of Swanzey, NH, and brings HGM baby knit hats, toys, and hand puppets.

Lost Marbles Fiber Arts

Theresa Adams of Lost Marbles Fiber Arts is a textile worker who creates detailed needlefelt and upcycled fabric gnomes! All of her gnomes are crafted by hand, using sweaters that are too damaged to be donated, often with a combination of needlefelt or needlework. She creates specialty home décor, including needle-felt and home goods. Her gnomes are perfect for fall! 

Knits by Lee

Leecia Exel of Keene, NH is the artist behind Knits by Lee, which provides the Marketplace with knit hats and sweaters for infants, finger puppets, baby toys, blankets, booties, and mittens.


Christine Hague of Woodentent is a knitter who has been knitting hats, sweaters, shawls, and mittens, for over 60 years. Based out of Weare, NH, her 100% wool knit hats can be found in the marketplace in a variety of colors and can fit adults & older kids.

Wool ‘n Designs

Mary Ellen Powell of Wool ‘n Designs brings in several popular home goods items, one of the most popular of which is her microwave bowl holder. This clever design protects you from burning yourself when using the microwave and is a hot item in the Marketplace. Mary Ellen also makes baby tulip hats, and baby sundress and hat sets.

Bedford Wool

Alongside creating the wool garlands, decorative trees, ornaments, and plush toys, Karen Morris also brings in knitwear during the cold seasons, and her durable, incredibly warm mittens are a hot-item around Christmastime. See their Instagram!

Elizabeth Clauson

Elizabeth Clauson, alongside selling her Yankee Rover Peddler Jewelry, also sells her own tea towels. Her delicate, hand-embroidered towels give a vintage vibe to the Marketplace. She also makes several needle-felted ornaments and knitted potholders! 

Sylvia Ryder

Sylvia Chun Yin Ryder is a fine artist and t-shirt designer at HGM. Similar to her paintings, Sylvia’s hand-dyed shirts are vibrant and daring, and brings life to the Marketplace. Check back into the store, as colors change seasonally. See Sylvia's Instagram for her art and more of her shirt designs.

Mosaic Fiber Arts

Lyn Falcone is a textile artist and educator with a studio in Conway, NH. Her creative practice focuses on creating one of a kind wearable art and home décor. She works with a range of textile processes; dyeing, stitch, print and fabric manipulation, knitting and weaving, and mainly Nuno felt. She brings beautiful, hand-crafted scarves to HGM! See their website for more!

Lisa Murray

As well as selling candles and her alcohol ink magnets and art, Lisa Murray also brings vibrant scarves into HGM. We always have a selection of colors and styles available.

Spring Leaf Naturals

Spring Leaf Natural’s Christa Austin has been selling their soaps at HGM for years, and has found success in their face soaps, deodorants, bubble baths, room sprays, and eye pillows. She also sells her popular Bamboo Knot Organic Cotton Baby Hats, and lava bead Aromatherapy Bracelets.

Payne and Comfort

Erin Payne of Payne and Comfort creates a variety of soothing and scented heating pads, eye masks, hand warmers, and more! Her designs are often inspired by astrology, florals, tarot, and vibrant colors. HGM carries their products year-round, we are especially stocked up during the cold months. See more on her website!

Amy Shinerock

Amy Shinerock is a gifted potter, who has worked at her craft since the 1970s. She has a master’s degree in ceramics and spent many years in Japan studying wood-firing techniques. Her vessels are created with the intention to achieve inner stillness and yield beauty. Now settled in West Medford, MA Amy continues to create beautiful pieces with a Japanese touch. She also brings in high-quality needle felted home décor pieces.

The Shearer’s Yarn

The Shearer’s Yarn is based out of Acworth, NH. Swing by the Marketplace to see all of the colors we have available! Gwen Hinman of The Shearer's Yarn shears her sheep and crafts her yarn herself. Their sheep wool is selected based on what wool is the highest quality and transformed into soft, but strong wool yarn. Yarns from The Shearer’s Yarn come in 35 colors, including heathers, and are made into beautifully medium-weight designs. They are excellent for felting and can also be used in weaving. See their website for more information on their business.

Judith Graeff

Judith Graeff is one of our hand-knit textile workers at the marketplace! She creates primarily sweaters, cardigans, and blankets for infants and children. Her knits are all hand-made with intricate knitting patterns and beautiful colors. These sweaters are perfect gifting items for friends and family with infants.

Leopard Frog 

Leopard Frog's Larissa Volkavichyisute is the newest artist at the marketplace! She creates quirky, vibrant pieces inspired by nature and pop art. The marketplace will be carrying her Frog tote bags, laser-cut wood earrings, and pins year-round. Stop by to see her current inventory, or take a look at her website to see more of her work. 

A Graphics (Featuring Designs by Tim Campbell)

Andrea Wotkyns has been selling A Graphics in HGM for over a year now. A Graphics screen prints pillows, prints, puzzles, coasters, tote bags, and more. The Marketplace is currently carrying A Graphics with our artist, Tim Campbell’s designs, such as “Bee Skep.” Customers can special order ANY of Tim's designs, see all of them on his Etsy page!

Judith Walter

Judith Walter is one of our hand-knit textile workers at the marketplace! She creates primarily mittens, scarves, gloves, hats, and other winter apparel! She creates all of her knits by hand in a myriad of colors and patterns in her acrylic wool blends. These soft textiles are popular in the winter!

Pear Tree Studio

Pear Tree Studio is based out of Harrisville, NH, and provides the Marketplace with high-quality, hand-made toys and plush items perfect for kids! See more of their work on their website.

Fernhaven Quilting and Crafts

Fernhaven Quilting and Crafts is based out of Alstead, NH and provides the Marketplace with quilted pottery. Fernhaven’s Elizabeth Ezold creates beaded bowls, plates, coasters, and bread baskets, utilizing vibrant color schemes and bold scalloping. Her work is of one of our frequent best-sellers and make great gifts!

Hooked on Hookin'

Muriel Southwick is the artist behind Hooked on Hookin', one of our most active textile workers! She creates several kitchen essentials, including table runners and doilies, oven mitts, and potholders!

Truly Wool

Truly Wool’s Ella Rank is based out of Marlborough, NH, and provides the marketplace with very unique items. Ella sells palm pals, fuzzy friends designed to keep your hands warm, both in her traditional design, and in her new Panda design! She also sells Palm Pal Pencils, which can be great for people who fidget. 

Lil’ Green Pumpkin

Alicia Cannon of Alstead, NH provides the Marketplace with hand-sewn face masks for children! They come in multiple sizes and with many, zany prints and patterns. Check out her Etsy to see more patterns!

Cynthia Johnson

Cynthia Johnson is based out of Keene, NH and is a textile worker! She creates table runners and placemats as well as her very popular microwave bowl holder. These holders are perfect for any kitchen and comes sized for mugs, bowls, and plates - these keep you from burning your hands when heating up food and beverages in the microwave! 

Jan Barber

Jan Barber's hand-made, looped potholders are a popular home décor & kitchen essential item sold in the marketplace! They come in assorted colors and made vibrant hot pads or décor for the kitchen.

Murph's NH

Murph's was founded in Londonderry NH in 2021 with a mission to reuse forgotten materials and turn them into something useful. Our bags are designed for hiking, biking, climbing, or any adventure you can think of. We combined our passion for adventure sports and engineering design and turned it into the handmade, multi-use, products that our customers love. Since our founding Murphs has been creating bags and outdoor gear that is made to explore. We started on a mission to create better gear for our own climbs - that has since become so much more. From our first prototype to our current product lineup we’ve continued to search for strong, reusable materials that can be repurposed for our bags. See their Etsy page and website for more information and to see some of their designs and bag types!

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