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Dug Nap Art

Dug Nap is a self-taught artist based out of Vermont. Dug’s prints are sold in 28 shops and galleries in the U.S. as well as private collections. He is at home with many mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache and digital paintings. He is also a storyteller and his paintings sometimes include text. Dug’s paintings are usually offbeat and thoughtful, colorful - occasionally dark- reflections of everyday life. See his Instagram and website for more of his work

Nodding Violet Studio

Nodding Violet Studio’s Angela Smith is based out of Fitzwilliam, NH and is drawn to folklore, fairy tales, and fantasy literature. Her dark academia aesthetic is matched with imagery of serene nature, consisting largely of scenes of imaginary or hidden realms. Her work is primarily pen and ink illustration, but she also crochets and enjoys making small lace motifs. Her work draws heavily from a childhood steeped in magic, nature, and fantasy fiction literature. Her subjects range from native flora and favorite animals to imagined worlds and magical scenes. Angela loves winter and Halloween, and she brings HGM stickers, prints, cards, buttons, and bookmarks. See Angela's Instagram and other website and Etsy links for more of her work! 

Hannah Ellingwood

Hannah Ellingwood is an artist based out of Harrisville, NH! She joined the marketplace in 2022, selling her hand-cut, layered-paper designs as blank greeting cards and as vinyl stickers. Her stickers are also dishwasher-safe and weatherproof, which makes them perfect to stick on a car or water bottle. She also creates unique, quirky enamel pins. See more of Hannah's work on her Instagram and other social media and Etsy links

Suzanne Germain Ruse

Suzanne is a visual artist and lives in southern Vermont. Her creativity and artistic explorations of life’s mysteries are inspired on a daily basis by the awe and wonderment of the natural world. She brings in floral and botanical mandala cards and calendars. See more of Suzanne's cards and mandalas on her Instagram.

Hundelrut Studio

Donald Hundgen was born to two artist parents in New York City, which is to suggest he was natured and nurtured strongly by his environment. He attended the High School of Music and Art in the sixties. He freelanced as a commercial artist, cartoonist and illustrator, until he and his wife Sarah formed Hundelrut Studio in Plymouth, NH in 1989. Hundelrut Studio was a vehicle for Donald's pen & ink illustrations and cartoons and has grown into an art studio, shop, gallery, and website. The gallery displays framed art, handmade and painted wooden boxes, and papier-mâché sculptures. They have been a member of the Marketplace since 2000, selling bookmarks, birthday and sympathy cards, boxed note cards, holiday cards, bumper stickers, canvas bags, and memo pads. See their website for more of their designs! 

Blueberry Cove Creations

Blueberry Cove Creations’ Cathy Provoda creates numerous cards designs for HGM out of her Peterborough, NH studio. Cathy has two primary design aesthetics, including her soft, naturalistic cards, and her cartoonish chicken cards. See Cathy's website for more. 

Woodfield Press

Founder and artist Cindy Hendrick formed Woodfield Press in Alstead, NH in 2004 with about a dozen notecards and two paper doll kits. The company has steadily grown and expanded to include Advent calendars, prints, coloring books, bookmarks, enclosure cards, seasonal and holiday boxed notecard sets, magnetic notepads, and most recently, Christmas keepsake ornaments. See more Woodfield designs on their Instagram and website.

Tree-Free Greetings

Tree-Free Greetings is one of our biggest card sellers in the Marketplace. Tree-Free was founded in 1999 with a millennial eye toward artful simplicity, sustainability, and social impact. They have quickly gained a following for the simple, vibrant style, their groundbreaking use of sustainable materials, and their ability to deliver quality paper products. They lead the industry with sustainable production right here in the USA – keeping local forests full of trees to create shade, transform carbon, and enhance the air we breathe. See their Instagram and website for a wider range of their card. 

Beaded Silverware

Susan Finnegan of Beaded Silverware provides not only her jam spoon and butter knives, she also brings in her vibrant greeting cards.

Hanson Studio

Tim Hanson is a photographer based out of Charlestown, NH. His New Hampshire postcards and prints feature seasonal New England landscapes, traditional covered bridges and architecture, and NH monuments. Read the New Hampshire Made article on Hanson to learn more!

J Dawson Photography

Jaime Dawson is a self-taught photographer who resides in the Monadnock Region.  Her creative journey began during her freshman year of high school in Brattleboro, Vermont where she participated in art classes during free periods and study halls under the tutelage of Valerie Carrigan.  It was during these formative years when she learned that art, particularly photography, as a form of expression, was a powerful and cathartic tool. Jaime's work can be found on her Instagram.

Erica Nye

Erica Nye is an artist based out of New Hampshire, but finds inspiration from the animals and natural landscapes of her native Texas. She uses vibrant acrylic colors in her cards. See her Instagram and Etsy for more of her designs.

Martha Temple

Martha Temple is a Keene local who brings in greetings cards. Her funky, colorful line drawings are distinctly her own, and often features hopeful and optimistic texts. She is new to Instagram!

Kathleen Kennedy 

Kathleen Kennedy is a fine artist at HGM, as well as a textile workers and card maker. As well as her Brag Bags, Kathleen is known in the Marketplace for her collection of Zodiac themed cards, Zodiac magnets, and Zodiac prints. See the Brattleboro Food Co-op's article to learn more about her!

Steve Hooper Photography

Steve Hooper brings his cards into Hannah Grimes Marketplace, often featuring local New England birds. As a Keene native, many of Steve’s cards include local animals and landscapes. See his Facebook page and Instagram for more of his photos.

Kimberly Fisher

Kimberly Fisher is an artist from Surrey, NH, who makes dynamic mixed-media cards for HGM. She depicts seasonal scenes, and animals and natural imagery in her paper craft cards.

Cards by Cathy

Iris Folding Artistic Creations by Cathy Gowen are popular, colorful occasion cards. She creates seasonal designs as well as cards for major life events, such as marriage and childbirth. Cathy is a Keene local who specializes in folding paper techniques.

Cosmic Moose Art

Cosmic Moose Art’s Charlie Kuizinas is based out of Alexandria, NH, and brings HGM their funky stickers, greeting cards, magnets, prints, and wooden panels, which all feature the distinctive Cosmic Moose. See more of Charlie's designs and products on his Instagram and website.

Marilyn Worcester

Marilyn Worcester is based out of Winchester, NH and primarily provides the Marketplace with painted-wood items, such as magnets, pins, and ornaments. She takes inspiration from native New England bugs and wildlife, as well as sunsets, and New England foliage.

Warren Stone Photography

Warren Stone is a Keene native, whose cards focus on New England foliage, seasonal scenes, and local wildlife. Warren also brings in his hand-carved walking sticks to HGM.

Emily McNamara

Emily McNamara is an artist who supplies the marketplace with her yearly calendars! Each year's design is different on her uniquely long, creative calendars. See her website for more about Emily and her work!

Of Moose and Mountain

John Wills of Of Moose and Mountain is a frequent best-seller in the Marketplace. John brings in a large variety of t-shirts, with prints coming in multiple colors and sizes. He also brings in baseball caps, trucker caps, car decals, and key chains. Take a look at his assortment of bumper stickers and magnets! Check out his FacebookInstagram, and website for more of his products! He creates unique graphic designs inspired by nature, wildlife, and New England traditions and landmarks. His designs are all his own, based on his life-long love for New England and his roots in the region. "Of Moose and Mountain" reflects John's love for the mountains, where he feels "at home" with the wildlife, as well as his affinity for moose.

Bunny Boogie Cards

Andrea and Jim Lorette met in 2000 while working on a creative project together. They later married and joined forces to create Jayelay Jewelers and their Bunny Boogie line. The Marketplace sells Bunny Boogie cards, gift tags, and jewelry with their distinct animal designs. All of their pieces are made right in Westmoreland, NH, the designs for the Bunny Boogie cards coming from Jim! See their Instagram and Facebook for more of their designs and products.

Lisa Murray

Lisa Murray, alongside her marbled taper candles, brings beautiful alcohol ink magnets and 4x4 wooden prints to the marketplace! These mini canvas prints come in many of Lisa's designs, often including local scenery and wildlife, flora and fauna, and animals. 

Linda Greenwood

Linda Greenwood is based out of Peterborough, NH, and sells seasonal coasters featuring her own photography. She provides seasonal prints on cork and rubber coasters. In 2022, she also started selling her photography prints, focusing on local landscapes and nature and local wildlife and flora.

Real Small Art

Kate O’Dell paints in watercolor with a focus on animals. Some of her favorite original paintings are reproduced as unique small prints mounted on cradled birch wood and ready to hang - no glass or frame needed.  Note cards are also available. She also specializes in Pet Portraits. Her studio and home are in Litchfield NH, where of course she is surrounded by animals. See her website for more of her work!

Monadnock Sunapee Greenway Trail Guide

This new, 8th-edition of the MSGTC Map is a popular item in the marketplace during the spring, summer, & fall, for our outdoorsy and active customers. The MSGTC Guide (Monadnock Sunapee Greenway Trail Guide) includes a detailed description of the Greenway, which included maps, camping locations and details, and the history of the trail and local scenery. These maps include camping sites, Mount Monadnock, Mount Sunapee, and Pillsbury State Parks. This item has been partially funding by grants form the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forest. 

Shire Town by Foot Trail Walking Guide

This walking tour of Keene, NH is popular in the marketplace year-round, particularly in the spring. 

Gary Custer Fine Art

Gary Custer is a fine artist whose work can be found in the Hannah Grimes Marketplace Art Gallery. As a New England native, much of Gary’s work depicts monuments and natural imagery of the area. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and received his BFA from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. He has explored new techniques in recent years, painting familiar people and places in acrylics, colored pencil, watercolor, and graphite. Currently living in Keene, NH, Gary sells several of his designs on greeting cards at the marketplace. Visit his fine art website for more.


We also carry blank cards designed by dozens of local fine artists, including Alicia Drakiotes, Tim Campbell, Mary Iselin, Kate O'Dell, Carol Corliss, Nicole Belval, Gail Shelley, and more!  


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