Meet Our Newest Gourmet Food Producer, Don Quixote Peanut Butter!

Welcome to the Marketplace, Don Quixote Spanish Peanut Butter! 
We are thrilled to welcome Mark Timon of Don Quixote to the HGM network. As of 2022, we are proud to carry the "peanut-butteriest peanut butter you will ever enjoy!" Don Quixote is made with Spanish peanuts, which have nuttier, more robust flavor than standard runner peanuts or Virginia peanuts, while also providing more amino acids, more protein, and more antioxidants! While these nuts cost significantly more, Don Quixote uses Spanish peanuts & pecans for a more flavorful, dynamic butter. The Spanish Peanut Butter is made of 100% Spanish peanuts, and the Spanish Peanut & Pecan Butter is 50% Spanish Peanuts and 50% Pecans, with no added fillers, thickeners, oils, salts, sugars, trans fats, or gluten byproducts. Stop by HGM to try this non-GMO peanut butter today!
Visit their Facebook page for more information on the business and check in with our social media for updates on tastings and restocks.



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  • I’m spoiled for life. Best eva !


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