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Are you interested in becoming a Marketplace Member? Are you waiting for the HGM Team to jury your work? Learn more about our Membership applications and jury process. 

We are a hub for artists and artisans who need help getting their products retail-ready and improving business skills! Consider applying for membership to Hannah Grimes Marketplace and joining our artisan community! You will gain access to a venue for selling your products and to an extensive series of classes and workshops through the Hannah Grimes Center. 

At Hannah Grimes Marketplace, we take pride in not only being a facet of our vibrant community, but also for being a resource and support for small businesses and local artists. We currently have over 230 vendors, including textile workers, fine artists, farmers, vintners and brewers, beekeepers, candle makers, jewelers, soap makers, woodworkers glass blowers, and more! All of our vendors must meet three basic requirements for Marketplace membership:


  1. Applicants' studios, factories, farms, etc. must be within 150 miles to Hannah Grimes Marketplace. We are a hub for local businesses, and while not all vendors need to be Keene natives, they must be within a reasonable distance to our store. Vendors must be less than 150 miles away, many of our vendors are much closer. Our store is located at 42 Main Street, Keene, NH 03431.
  1. Products must not be overly similar to items we currently carry. Similarly, all accepted items will be taken with consideration given to its pricing, and whether or not it will be successful in our store. Our management team assesses every potential vendor and product bearing in mind whether it is dissimilar enough to our other products for us to carry and if its price range is compatible with our store.
  1. The other major factor for our management team in assessing applicants, is whether we physically have the space to shelf and store more products. While we are proud to carry pieces from so many artists and artisans, we are required to be somewhat pragmatic, and bear in mind the physical limits of our storefront. Because of the combination of factors going into our application process, we encourage artists/vendors who are initially rejected to apply again for the following jury period.
All products accepted into the marketplace are juried. This process ensures that we only take on high-quality products and build an eclectic inventory. The jury will look at factors such as pricing, product packaging, and the potential vendor's ability to produce a sufficient quantity of their product. We are looking for products that are consistent with the look and feel of the store and will interest our customers.
We are always accepting applications for Marketplace membership, however, we have specific periods in which we review applications. We accumulate membership applications throughout the year and review them in groups during our jury period. We hold juries 4 times per year. 

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