How To Become A Member

Start or Grow your Business at Hannah Grimes Marketplace

Do you need help finding markets for your products? Are you interested in enhancing your business skills?  Become a member of the Hannah Grimes community and join more than 300 artists, craftspeople, and producers who create and sell a wide variety of high-quality products in a thriving local marketplace. You will not only gain access to a venue for selling your products but to an extensive series of classes and workshops as well as free one-on-one technical assistance to increase your entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.

The first step to becoming a member of Hannah Grimes is to fill out the Membership Application below. Submit the form right here through our website with up to five photos of your work.

The Jury Process

All products that are accepted into the marketplace are juried. This ensures high-quality products and a sales mix that will guarantee success for your product and for the marketplace. The jury will look at factors such as pricing, product packaging and your ability to produce a sufficient quantity of your product. We are looking for products that are consistent with the look and feel of the store, and that we believe will interest our customers. As part of the jury process, you will be asked to determine the wholesale price for your product. Hannah Grimes will then mark up the product an appropriate amount – usually, but not always, double the wholesale price. This is the retail price. This is called “keystoning” and is the industry standard for gift shops. The jury process can take up to four weeks, and takes place the 3rd Wednesday of February, April, June, and September only. The jury team will determine if your product is one the store can sell – either as is or with some changes – and will contact you via email.


Membership Packet