Featured Member: Annie Clark

By Annika Kristiansen

Micro-greens: they’re all the rage and with good reason too! Did you know that micro-greens contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature counterparts? What’s more, these seedlings, the same as normal vegetables, can be harvested in less than 14 days after germination and can be grown in your urban dwelling.

Annie Clark was born in the city of Puerto Rico before she immigrated to the United States and grew up in Miami. When she first laid eyes on New England, she was attracted to the slow and steady way of life, the rolling lush hills and the wonderful balance that could be found somewhere between rural and urban life in the small cities and towns that dot the untouched country-side. For Clark, micro-greens mirror this transitivity between city and country and seem like just the fix for bringing the outdoors in to her home in Keene.

Clark has had her hands in the soil for some time now by maintaining a proud little plot of land— “Just enough to provide produce for my family,” she explains humbly. However, she has wanted to share the joy that she gains from watching the first little shoots of green sprout through rich soil and mature into edible delights, and bring the idea of food production and process into the city. “We are estranged from our food, and that is dangerous,” Clark warns, “by starting a small tray of micro-greens in your home, you can have a hand in the growing of your food from start to finish.”

To support this concept, Clark also sells Little Greens Starter Kits which include all of the necessary tools to start your own tray of micro-greens. For Clark, the big picture is not merely about selling her produce, it’s about starting a movement that promotes increased knowledge about where food comes from, increased care for the planet, and the satisfaction of “growing your own!”

Find Clark’s Little Greens and Starter Kits at The Monadnock Food Co-op, The Hannah Grimes Marketplace, The Keene Farmer’s Market, and through Monadnock Menus.