Monadnock Localvores Send Twenty-Two to Farm Camp

The Monadnock Localvores are proud to announce the following twenty-two recipients of the 2016 Jeffrey P. Smith Farm Scholarship award. Congratulations to Duncan Beauchamp of Jaffrey, Jonathan Bennett of Alstead, Cora Byers of Stoddard, Ashley Connerton of Stoddard, Nicholas Connerton of Stoddard, Tristan Fox of Keene, Michael Gordon II of Alstead, Colton Hammer of Keene, Landon Hammer of Keene, Avery Kelly of Westmoreland, Iris Kilton of Alstead, Noah Lempel of Chesterfield, Carter Lowe of Spofford, Cyrus Dee Nicol of Stoddard, Braydon Patch of Walpole, Tyson Patch of Walpole, Koa Schuette of Keene, Yuki Schuette of Keene, Gustav Tjelta of Keene, Cayden Walsh of Marlow, Quinn White of Marlow, and Trinity Williamson of Spofford.

All scholarship recipients demonstrated a desire to learn more about farming and gardening and they will have the opportunity to attend a farm camp of their choice this summer. As one of the young recipients put it “for a long time I’ve been wanting to do gardening and farming so this is the perfect chance to do it!” Many thanks go out to the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food, Cheshire County Farm Bureau, DiLuzio Family Fund, Westmoreland Lions Club, Keene Lions Club, and other generous donors that have made these scholarships possible.

The Jeffrey P. Smith Farm Scholarship endeavors to connect young people with agriculture and the natural world around them. We hope to inspire the next generation of local farmers and local food supporters, by giving regional children an opportunity, through summer camp, to experience sustainable farming practices first-hand and watch their efforts bear fruit. For more information or to donate to the scholarship fund, please contact the Cheshire County Conservation District at 603-756-2988 ext.116 More information is also available online at

During his lifetime, Jeff Smith, a former member of the Monadnock Localvore Steering Committee, was an enthusiastic supporter of sustainability and local agriculture. He firmly believed in the connection of all living things, and stressed the importance of working in harmony with the systems of the universe. Seeing himself as a “steward” instead of an “owner” of the land, he felt the earth was entrusted to us for safe keeping during our lifetimes, to be passed along intact to future generations. With an eager and vibrant sense of life, his every activity was geared towards improving the lives of others and the environment through giving freely of his time and efforts. To keep alive that vision, the Jeffrey P. Smith Farm Scholarship Program was initiated in August 2009. The program’s purpose is to send children to an area farm camp to discover the inherent rewards that come from cultivating with one’s hands and heart.