Celebrate Plaid Friday With Us!

The Hannah Grimes Marketplace is a proud Plaid Friday Sponsor and Hub.  Please wear PLAID on Friday, November 27, 2015 and stop by the Marketplace so we can take a photo of you dressed in plaid.

Also, come meet some of Marketplace Members like Of Moose & Mountain and more.


Show your support for local and independent businesses and wear PLAID

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Plaid Friday celebrates the diversity and creativity of local and independent businesses. It’s a fun and enjoyable alternative to the big box store “Black Friday” consumer frenzy. Also, it’s a way to show your support for Monadnock Buy Local — a network of locally-owned businesses, organizations and citizens working to build a stronger local economy. So plan to wear PLAID all day on Plaid Friday!

Plaid Friday Hubs

Hubs will photograph customers decked out in plaid and answer questions about Plaid Friday and Monadnock Buy Local on November 27th.

Plaid Friday was created in Oakland, CA to bring back the times when shopping for friends and family was a pleasurable leisurely activity.  Now it is celebrated throughout the nation as a kick-off event to the Shift Your Shopping Campaign.

Show your support! Wear plaid while shopping on November 27th.

Why support local?  Read more about the Monadnock Region Indie Impact Study and Top 10 Reasons to Buy Local.